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Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant

Are you a dynamic postdoctoral researcher with a mind full of ideas and an interest in cancer research?

Then come and work with us.

The Centre for Cancer Biology is an established centre of excellence for innovation in biomedical research, located in a major biomedical precinct.

We are seeking world-class postdoctoral researchers to perform innovative biomedical research in the following areas:

MicroRNAs in EMT and cancer metastasis Gene Regulation Laboratory and Cell Signalling Laboratory
Lipid kinases as oncogenic targets Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory
Cytokine receptor signal transduction  Cytokine Receptor Laboratory
Angiogenesis and endothelial progenitor cells Vascular Biology and Cell Trafficking Laboratory
Bioinformatic analyses of NextGen sequencing data Molecular Pathology Research Laboratory and Gene Regulation Laboratory
Molecular and cellular basis of hematopoietic malignancies Molecular Pathology Research Laboratory
Developmental biology Neurovascular Research Laboratory
Lymphangiogenesis Lymphatic Development Laboratory
Cell death and ubiquitination in physiology and disease Molecular Regulation Laboratory
Role of the microenvironment in tumour invasion and metastasis Tumour Microenvironment Laboratory

For more information please contact the relevant laboratory.