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Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

Cancer remains a leading cause of death in Australia and costs the community more than
$4.5 billion annually in direct health system costs.

Researchers at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) have a unified vision to work with our collaborators, partners and the community to find causes and cures via breakthrough discoveries, and translating these into new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat cancer. Our partnership with SA Pathology and the University of South Australia is critical to our success, providing a fertile environment to support the CCB’s research efforts.

We are entering an exciting stage of our development. Our goal over the next four years is to maximise opportunities presented locally and nationally. Locally, this is provided through the continued growth of the South Australian Health and Biomedical Precinct which includes the
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, the SA Academic Health Science and Translation Centre, and the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. Together with the national focus on translation and impact reflected by the Medical Research Future Fund, the scene is set for us
to build on our outstanding track record of research outcomes and move closer to our vision.

This strategic plan presents the framework that will further our efforts to discover causes of and, ultimately, cures for cancer.

Centre for Cancer Biology Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

The Centre for Cancer Biology is a preeminent cancer-focussed Australian Medical Research Institute (MRI). We closely integrate cancer research, pathology and clinical services and consequently we are part of a National Cancer Research Network of like-minded MRIs.

Our vision is to find causes of and cures for cancer.

Our mission is to conduct breakthrough research on the fundamental causes of cancer and translate these discoveries into cures, with global impact.

We value excellence, collegiality, relevance, passion, ambition, collaboration and innovation.

Our strengths lie in areas where we have the ability to be world leaders and include Cancer Genomics, Cell Signalling, and Blood Cancers. Our ability to capitalise on these strengths is made possible by our partnership with SA Pathology and the University of South Australia which ensures we are embedded in the health system and supported by the University.

We work together to achieve our vision and mission with our partners, collaborators, health service providers, policy makers, donors, funding bodies and the community.

We measure our success through our ability to realise our discoveries as tangible scientific and health outcomes.


We are committed to four goals and the strategies to achieve them: 

1         Conduct world-class discovery research on the biology of cancer

  • Build multi-disciplinary collaboration and reinforce investment in areas of strength, connecting relevant projects and leveraging our tactical advantage of being embedded in the health system
  • Extend research collaborations, partnerships and networks with relevant national and international centres
  • of excellence
  • Facilitate access for our researchers to world-class technologies, capabilities and services that will support
  • the highest quality of research endeavor

 2         Translate research discoveries into better treatments

  • Identify pathways to apply fundamental discoveries in the clinic
  • Build capacity in translational research through partnerships, strategic recruitment, involvement of clinicians
    in research activities and greater interaction between clinical and laboratory researchers
  • Build partnerships with research organisations, health services, non-government organisations and industry
    to support research translation into cures
  • Extend involvement in national and international clinical trial activity
  • Broaden commercialisation and technology transfer activities with our partners

 3         Mentor, train and inspire cancer researchers and the community

  • Position the CCB as the destination of choice for training in cutting-edge cancer research
  • Attract, retain and nurture research talent by providing access to mentoring, skill building and
    talent development programs
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the impact of cancer research
  • Increase consumer engagement and involvement in the activities of the CCB

 4         Be a strong and sustainable Medical Research Institute

  • Strengthen the Centre for Cancer Biology with a robust governance structure that champions its vision,
    reflects its values, and enables effective implementation of its strategic plan
  • Build business effectiveness by accessing partnerships and utilising relevant services and networks
    of our partners
  • Raise awareness of the CCB’s passion to discover and contribute to improved health outcomes
  • Ensure long-term sustainability through diversity in funding sources, including industry and philanthropic support


Our focus on research excellence will continue to improve the lives of people living with cancer

Download CCB Strategic Plan.pdf (397KB)