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16 November 2015

CCB’s ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility wins SA Health Award for Excellence in Non-clinical Services

CCB’s ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility wins SA Health Award for Excellence in Non-clinical Services for Implementation of Clinical Next Generation Sequencing. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), dramatically improving the speed and numbers of diagnoses for patients and families affected by genetic disease, at reduced cost to the health care system.

9 November 2015

NHMRC Research Fellowship awarded to Professor Sharad Kumar

NHMRC Research Fellowship has been awarded to Professor Sharad Kumar, Co-Director of the Centre for Cancer Biology, who has contributed to many significant discoveries with broad implications in biomedicine

9 November 2015

CCB researchers secure four NHMRC project grants

Centre for Cancer Biology researchers won four NHMRC grants. Dr Michael Samuel winning funding for two projects and other researchers receiving funding were Associate Professor Claudine Bonder and CCB co-director Professor Sharad Kumar.

7 October 2015

AAHMS Fellows

Two of CCB’s top health researchers have been inducted as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS). The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) research leaders Professor Hamish Scott and Professor Gregory Goodall were inducted as new Fellows at the AAHMS first Annual Scientific Meeting and dinner in Canberra last night.

7 October 2015

Dr Quenten Schwarz wins the 2015 South Australian Leading Light Award

The Australian Society of Medical Research has named the head of the Neurovascular Research Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology Dr Quenten Schwarz as the winner of the 2015 South Australian Leading Light Award for his achievements in developmental biology including research into the origins of schizophrenia and autism.

28 July 2015

Understanding GATA2

How one molecule may hold the key to treating lymphoedema.  Researchers at the CCB – have unlocked another piece of the gene puzzle in relation to the debilitating condition of lymphoedema. 

25 June 2015

Club Assists Young Researcher

A branch of the Lions Club in Hallett Cove visited the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) laboratories recently to present a cheque to support a student with her dream to help find a cure for cancer

11 June 2015

National First for SA Pathology and CCB

SA Pathology’s Genetics and Molecular Pathology laboratory in collaboration with the CCB’s genomic research facility, is the first in Australia to receive NATA accreditation for ‘whole-exome sequencing’ – the testing of the complete set of human genes in a single assay. 

5 May 2015

Improving facial reconstructions

Dr Sophie Wiszniak and Dr Quenten Schwarz, Neurovascular Research Laboratory have discovered how the human jawline is formed, in research which provides clues to new treatments for craniofacial defects and also has implications for people suffering facial sporting injuries.

9 April 2015

CCB Admitted to Peak National Body

The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) has recently been invited to join top health research bodies as a member of Australian Association of Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), the peak organisation for medical research institutes in Australia.

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