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New discoveries in cancer

New discoveries in cancer

Project Description: The growth and spread of cancer is dependent on an ability to access the blood supply. To do this, cancer cells not only promote blood vessel sprouting (angiogenesis) but also form vessel-like structures themselves (vasculogenic mimicry (VM)). Our recent work has identified new VM targets in breast cancer and melanoma (Tan et al, Oncotarget, 2016; Tan et al Clin Trans Immunol, 2017). A better understanding of how blood vessels promote tumour growth will provide new treatment options for patients with cancer.

Techniques: Cutting edge technology will be used alongside cell culture, surface antigen expression by flow cytometry, protein detection by Western blot, in vitro blood vessel forming assays, gene expression by real time PCR, immunohistochemistry of human biopsies and high end microscopy (including confocal and multiphoton).

Pre-requisite skills: There are no specific requirements, but the applicant would benefit from some experience in cell culture techniques and molecular biology.


Supervisor: Professor Claudine Bonder


Supervisor contact email: