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Ubiquitin ligases in kidney physiology and disease

Ubiquitin ligases in kidney physiology and disease

Project Description: Ubiquitination is a common type of protein modification involved in the regulation of protein stability, degradation and trafficking. Aberrations in the ubiquitin system underpin the pathogenesis of many diseases including malignancies, neurodegenerative disorders and channelopathies. Ubiquitin-protein ligases (E3s) determine the substrate specificity of the ubiquitination process. We have now discovered that mice deficient for the E3 Nedd4-2, develop progressive kidney disease. This project aims to investigate the physiological and pathological functions of Nedd4-2 in the kidney using cellular, physiological and gene knockout approaches.


Pre-requisite skills: Basic laboratory skills are a must. An understanding of protein biochemistry, cell and molecular biology is important. Some experience with mouse handling and knowledge of genetics is desirable. 


Supervisors: Dr Jantina Manning and Professor Sharad Kumar


Supervisor contact email: