Highlights included John Scott from University of Washington, Seattle, who is using super-resolution microscopy and proximity ligation techniques to visualise protein co-localisation in controlling spindle assembly. Frederic de Sauvage from Genentech, San Francisco, spoke of Wnt pathway function in intestinal stem-cells and is using several novel mouse models to investigate the role of intestinal stem cell niches in colorectal cancer. Xiaomeng Wang from Nanyang University, Singapore, spoke of a novel modulator of TGF-beta signalling, LRG1, and its role in keratinocytes and skin carcinogenesis. Ivan Dikic of Goethe University, Frankfurt, talked about the crosstalk between phosphorylation and ubiquitination in regulating protein function. Richard Marais of Cancer Research UK, Manchester, spoke of novel xenograft mouse models of melanoma, and the use of patient samples to predict personalised drug treatment regime outcomes. KJ Patel of Cambridge University gave an entertaining presentation on the role of alcohol and aldehydes in inducing DNA damage, leading to cancer

2017 Clifford Prize Presentation and Lecture

The Clifford Prize, which recognises international excellence in cancer research, was awarded this year to Professor Joseph Schlessinger of Yale University, USA. Joseph spoke of the discovery of receptor tyrosine kinases and their impact on our understanding of both normal and cancer cell signaling. In a pioneering long-term effort, his group has recently identified the structure of the beta-Klotho receptor bound to its primary ligand fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 21, a cytokine that plays key roles in endocrine cell function. This information is being utilized to generate mutant FGF21 ligands with increased binding activity and efficacy for potential use in the treatment of obesity and liver disease.

Pre-dinner Drinks at Chateau Tanunda

Clifford Prize Dinner

The meeting also included several social events, including The Clifford Prize dinner which was held at “Chateua Tanunda”, with an exquisite dinner presented by Elli and Saskia Beer, and the food-matched wines were introduced by John Leydon.