Two of CCB’s top health researchers have been inducted as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS).

The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) research leaders Professor Hamish Scott and Professor Gregory Goodall were inducted as new Fellows at the AAHMS first Annual Scientific Meeting and dinner in Canberra last night.

Election as an AAHMS Fellow reflects the international standing of an individual’s contribution to health and medical science through research, leadership and service.

AAHMS Fellows’ contributions ensure that users of the healthcare system in Australia are offered the best quality of care using the latest in advances in health research.

Professor Greg Goodall heads the CCB’s Gene Regulation Laboratory which recently discovered how circular RNAs (ribonucleic acids) are made and how their production is controlled. The discovery, published in the world’s highest ranked journal in biological and medical sciences Cell, could lead to new avenues for blocking the spread of cancer.

Professor Hamish Scott heads the CCB’s Molecular Pathology Research Laboratory which investigates how and why genetic mutations occur, how these changes cause diseases or disease predisposition such as cancer and autoimmunity, and ways of better treating and monitoring these diseases. His current research includes diagnostic implementation of next generation sequencing for personalised medicine.

Professors Scott and Goodall were among 77 new Fellows inducted from around Australia.