A/Prof Susan Branford publishes two landmark translational studies in Nature and in the New England Journal of Medicine in the same week.

Congratulations to Sue Branford from the Leukaemia Unit, Genetics and Molecular Pathology, who co-authored two remarkable studies on chronic myeloid leukaemia. The Nature publication characterises a new inhibitor of CML that powerfully interacts with other drugs to provide better control for CML patients, whilst the NEJM study is a follow up of more than 10 years of CML patients with imatinib that shows safety and high efficacy. The latter study is particularly pleasing in that it shows a greater than 80% survival of such patients. The CCB is delighted with this outcome that highlights the tremendous impact of our research through its integration with diagnostic services in SA Pathology. We are also delighted with the wider collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies and with our colleagues David Ross (SA Pathology) and Tim Hughes (SA Pathology and SAHMRI).