The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB), an alliance between SA Pathology and the University of South Australia, has recently been invited to join top health research bodies as a member of Australian Association of Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), the peak organisation for medical research institutes in Australia.

The CCB will join other well-established and respected AAMRI members such as the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Garvan Institute and Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, as well as the new South Australian Medical Health Research Institute (SAMHRI).

CCB Co-Director Prof Lopez says the AAMRI membership is significant.

“It gives us a new level of recognition and presence, and a seat at the table with major players when discussing budgetary issues with the federal government.”

Executive Director of SA Pathology, Ken Barr, said admittance to AAMRI recognises the stature of the CCB within Australian medical research. 

“It is a tribute to the vision and commitment of Professors Lopez and Kumar that the CCB’s high standard has been acknowledged with membership of AAMRI,” said Mr Barr.

“Becoming part of AAMRI will enhance policy development in order to connect advances in health and medical research with the delivery of improved healthcare,” he said.