The CCB has been successful in securing over $1.3m in grants from The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) in their inaugural Adelaide BioMed City Grant round.  The CCB received 6 of the 15 grants awarded, with successful grants in each of the 5 grant categories.

Grants received by Prof Michael Brown and Dr David Ross will enable the CCB to build capacity in translational research through partnerships, strategic recruitment, involvement of clinicians in research activities and greater interaction between clinical and laboratory researchers.

Capitalising on this new funding stream will enhance the CCBs sustainability through diversity in funding sources and supplement the CCB’s successful performance in category 1 funding.

Successful grants include:

Dr Peer Arts - 2 Year Early-Career Fellowship

Characterising haematological malignancies through genetic and immunological evaluation


Dr Damon Tumes - 3 Year Mid-Career Fellowship

Toward personalized medicine for allergic airway inflammation and harnessing allergic pathways to treat cancer


Prof Michael Brown, A/Prof David Ziegler and Dr Tessa Gargett - Translational Grant

Clinical testing of new T-cell therapy for adult and paediatric patients with aggressive primary brain cancers


Dr David Ross, Prof Richard D/Andrea and Prof Angel Lopez - Project Grant

A new immune therapy targeting the myelofibrosis stem cell with CD123 antibody treatment


Prof Sharad Kumar, Dr Jantina Manning and A/Prof John Finnie - Project Grant

Dietary sodium as a modulator of kidney disease


Rhys Hamon - Postgraduate Scholarship

The role of 14-3-3 protein in lung cancer initiation, progression and metastasis‚Äč